The Next Step

The Next Step is a group for people who want to grow as poets, and would like (for example) to be helped towards publication in a warm and supportive atmosphere. The content of the meetings varies, but there is always a session called Tough Love, which involves a close reading of members’ poems. We think about the poems themselves and also about how they fit into the poet’s overall development. As it is quite a small group, there is time for detailed discussion.

During lockdown the group produced several collaborative sets of poems called Monthly Steps, but now we are meeting for real, on weekday evenings, with members taking it in turns to host (and attendees supplying drinks and snacks).

The group is also once again organizing Sunday-evening poetry readings at the Abingdon Arms in Beckley, compered by Carl Tomlinson. There’s always a guest poet, and an open mic . . . and great pizzas! Everyone is welcome, and our next event will be summer 2023.

If this sounds good to you or you would like to learn more, e-mail Dorothy Yamamoto, You can have your name added to the emailing list without any obligation to attend meetings (your address will normally be shared with other members, but can be hidden if you prefer).