We will be resuming face-to-face meetings as soon as it is safe to do so. Initially we postponed April’s meeting, but we have now decided to hold it online, using Zoom. There are doubts about this application, but other local poetry groups – Back Room Poets and Reading Poets’ Café Online, to name but two, are using it, so we will give it a go. Invitations have gone out to members by e-mail. We will see how it goes!

Monthly Stanza meetings are generally held at 7.45pm on Mondays at 116 Southfield Road, OX4 1PA. We aim to finish at 9.45pm.

Dates of Stanza Meetings to May 2020

April 20th – will be held online!

We welcome members’ talks at meetings – on any subject of (Poetic) interest, whether a published poem, some aspect of poetry or a personal experience – and any new ideas for creative writing prompts or games. If you would like to give a talk or lead a creative session, please contact Bill or Dorothy.

Stanza Meeting Minutes 2020

January 2020

February 2020

March 2020

April 2020

For Stanza Meeting Minutes in 2019, go here

For Stanza Meeting Minutes for 2017-2018, go here

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